The Zurich Physics Colloquium


From Pure Mathematics to Precision Physics: Modern Approaches to Scattering Amplitudes

Duhr Claude








Atomic Scale Functional Devices

05.04.2017, Scheer Elke

Building Quantum Materials from Light

15.03.2017, Simon Jonathan

Topological Superconductors and Majorana Fermions

01.03.2017, Black-Schaffer Annica

Solar and Extra-solar Giant Planets

07.12.2016, Helled Ravit

Interferometry in a Strong Light

25.05.2016, Regal Cindy

Attosecond Ionization Time Delays

23.03.2016, Keller Ursula

Physics of Biological Complexity

25.11.2015, Goldstein Raymond E

A Bell Experiment without Loopholes

04.11.2015, Hanson Ronald

Quantum Information with Black Boxes

14.10.2015, Acin Antonio

Higgs Boson – a Precision Probe into the Unknown

07.10.2015, Mendes André; David Tinoco

Phi^4_3 Revisted

18.02.2015, Hairer Martin

Precision Higgs Physics

03.12.2014, Anastasiou Charalampos

The Decade of the WIMP

19.11.2014, Kolb Rocky

Disordered photonics - unpublished

12.11.2014, Wiersma Diederik

The Quest of the Kagome Hubbard Model

21.05.2014, Thomale Ronny

A CLOSE-UP of Synthetic Quantum Matter

26.02.2014, Greiner Markus

Very Attractive Slow Photons

11.12.2013, Vuletic Vladan

Single Atom Optical Clocks

14.11.2013, Wineland David J

Quantum Annealing

30.10.2013, Troyer Matthias

Quantum Magnetism from the Bottom up

22.05.2013, Monroe Christopher

Graphene Future Emerging Technology

29.04.2013, Ferrari Andrea

Proteins in Motion

19.12.2012, Parrinello Michele

100 Years Cosmic Rays

12.12.2012, Biland Adrian

Is it the Higgs Boson?

22.11.2012, Donega Mauro

What's so Exciting about Nanocarbons?

24.10.2012, Dresselhaus Millie

Prospects for Superconducting Qubits

26.09.2012, DiVincenzo David

An Insulating Superconductor

23.05.2012, Shahar Dan

Black Holes in Nearby Galaxies

25.04.2012, Tremaine Scott

The First Supermassive Black Holes

21.03.2012, Begelman Mitchell

Gravitational Wave Detection from Space

07.03.2012, Schutz Bernard F

Georges Charpak - The Man

29.02.2012, Breskin Amos

Mesoscopic Magnetic Imaging

16.11.2011, Moler Kathryn

From Ultracold Fermi Gases to Neutron Stars

09.11.2011, Salomon Christoph

On the First Solvay Congress in 1911

19.10.2011, Straumann Norbert

Quantum Money from Knots?

21.09.2011, Farhi Ed

An Introduction to Topological Insulators

16.03.2011, Osterwalder Jürg

Laboratory Tests of Gravitation

15.12.2010, Schlamminger Stephan

Condensed Matter Particle Physics

24.11.2010, Pfleiderer Christian

The (Unfortunate) Complexity of Economic Systems

27.10.2010, Bouchaud Jean-Philippe

Cosmic Magnetic Fields

02.06.2010, Wielebinski Richard

Quantum Information

26.05.2010, Werner Reinhard

Illuminating Dark Matter

03.03.2010, Weiner Neil

Strong Matter-Light Coupling in the Ultracold

24.02.2010, Brennecke Ferdinand

Pixels for Beauty

16.12.2009, Horisberger Roland

Dark Matter

09.12.2009, Silk Joe

Planet Formation and Evolution

25.11.2009, Benz Willy

Graphene Electronics

18.11.2009, Morpurgo Alberto

News from Quantum Hall Effect

04.11.2009, v Klitzing Klaus

Quantum Cryptography

30.09.2009, Brassard Gilles

Silicon Retina-Tetina-Tetina

23.09.2009, Delbrueck Tobi

Watching the Dance of the Atoms in Slow-Motion

06.05.2009, von der Linde Dietrich

Atoms and Molecules in Rydberg states

22.04.2009, Merkt Frederik

ESO: Present and Future

17.12.2008, de Zeeuw Tim

Quantum Private Queries

12.11.2008, Lloyd Seth

Precision Atom Interferometry

08.10.2008, Kasevich Mark

The Quest for Very Low Mass Planets

16.04.2008, Mayor Michel

Real and Futuristic Spin Qubits

02.04.2008, Vandersypen Lieven

The Physics of Dunes

27.02.2008, Herrmann Hans

Particle Tracking in Turbulence

19.12.2007, Bodenschatz Eberhard

Abschied von der Weltformel

27.11.2007, Laughlin Robert B

Physics Across the Energy Frontier

14.11.2007, Rattazzi Riccardo

QED in a Pencil Trace

24.10.2007, Geim Andre

Physics for Safety in the Mountains

17.10.2007, Rhyner Jakob

Deterministic Quantum Mechanics

26.09.2007, t Hooft Gerard

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