Opening Program

Schlueter Arno; Eckmanns Andreas; Rösler Häfliger Wiebke



We are delighted to announce the Sustainable Built Environment (SBE) Regional Conference 2016 as a platform for exchange between researchers and practitioners of the construction sector to foster system thinking in the built environment. Consuming over 40% of total primary energy, the built environment is in the centre of worldwide strategies and measures towards a more sustainable future. To provide resilient solutions, a simple optimisation of individual technologies will not be sufficient. In contrast, whole-system thinking reveals and exploits connections between parts. Each system interacts with others on different scales (materials, components, buildings, cities) and domains (ecology, economy and social). Whole-system designers optimize the performance of such systems by understanding interconnections and identifying synergies. The more complete the design integration, the better the result.





Opening Program

15.06.2016, Schlueter Arno; Eckmanns Andreas; Rösler Häfliger Wiebke

Urban Form and Energy

15.06.2016, Steemers Koen

Thriving in the Symbiocene

16.06.2016, du Plessis Chrisna

Expert panel discussion

17.06.2016, Aumann Annette; Feddern Jens; Roswag-Klinge Eike; Kohler Niklaus; du Plessis Chrisna; Habert Guillaume

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