Distinguished Speakers


The requirements to avoid dangerous climate change

Hansen James



Dr. James Hansen, head of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and winner of the Blue Planet Prize in 2010, will speak about "the Requirements to Avoid Dangerous Climate Change". Humans are now the dominant force driving global climate. The inertia of the ocean and ice sheets causes much of the human-caused climate change to be pent up, but substantial changes are already occurring and climate chaos is poised to be unleashed if climate tipping points are passed. Preservation of nature and the future of young people is still feasible—but it requires rapidly phasing down fossil fuel emissions to restore Earth's energy balance. If, rather than turning to clean energies, our well-oiled coal-fired governments and the fossil fuel industry continue to pursue every last dirty bit of fossil fuel in the ground, today's children, future generations, and nature will bear the consequences through no fault of their own. We adults must unite with young people in a campaign to force governments, through legal remedies and democratic processes, to do their job.





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