Current Issues in Immigration Research with focus on European Societies



Folkers Gerd; Rössel Jörg



Since the middle of the 20th Century European societies have experienced an influx of immigrants, labor migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. The flow of im- migrants has resulted in emergence of new immigrant communities that not only changed the ethnic fabric of many European societies but also public attitudes and government policies toward immigrants and immigration. Immigrants are often viewed as potential threat to economic success, national identity, and the social order. Subsequently, questions about the terms of inclusion of immigrants in society are becoming more crucial than ever before. The major goal of the workshop is to focus on sources of anti-immigrant senti- ment and of changes in attitudes toward immigrants, employment modes of im- migrants by generation and ethnic origin, subjective perceptions of immigrants’ status, and socio-psychological mechanisms leading to change in attitudes. Find- ings derived from national samples will be presented and discussed in light of sociological theories.





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