64th LCA Discussion Forum - Novel computational approaches in LCA


Regionalized LCA in Brightway

Mutel Chris



The basic structure of LCA computations is well established. However, the community of LCA software engineers is growing and more and more advanced analysis and assessment tools are being developed and used. The use, benefits, and potentials of such more advanced tools will be in the focus of this discussion forum. Examples include inventory calculations, integrated assessment, system modelling, database analysis, allocation choices, and spatial and temporal impact assessment. These advanced tools are usually developed for a single research project, and can be difficult to apply more broadly. This discussion forum is intended to foster the exchange between and among software developers and potential users (LCA practitioners), both to guide future development towards a broader user base, and to allow software developers to benefit from each other. A special focus will be put on freely available tools and methodologies that are of interest to a large audience.





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